Jiyo Parsi: A Glimpse

A short capsule on the Parsi community. This is the first of a series on minority communities in India, produced by Splash Films Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
Jio Parsi

Jews of India

This is the second in the series of diminishing communities of India, who migrated from their native lands and made this country their own.This time it's about the Jews who have a small, but significant presence in various parts of India.
Jews of India

Toshvin Corporate Film

A corporate film celebrating 45 years of Toshvin Analytical Pvt. Limited and Shimadzu Corporation, Japan's partnership in India. Directed & Edited by Navnita Sen, Camera by Malini Dasari, Produced by Splash Films Pvt. Ltd.
Toshvin Corporate

The Toppers

`The Toppers' is a children's short film produced by Edumedia and Splash Films Pvt. Ltd. Directed by Nilanjan Datta, Camera : Jaykrishna Gummadi, Associate director and Editor : Navnita Sen, Sound : Anmol Bhave
The Topper

The Hi Fives

A short children's film produced by Edumedia and Splash films Pvt. Ltd. Directed and edited by Navnita Sen, Camera: Malini Dasari, Sound: Anmol Bhave
Hi-Fives copy

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